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The Open Supply Chain Dashboard is a joint project between World Bank Institute (WBI) and Ecodesk and is part of the Open Private Sustainability Platform

Ecodesk and the WBI want the same thing – for businesses, large and small, in every country to be open and accountable for their sustainability performance. Currently this includes disclosure of key environmental sustainability performance - energy, carbon, water, waste - but in future could extend to include critical resources and social and governance issues such as diversity, human rights and community investment.

With the support of the WBI, we are developing profile pages on Ecodesk for every country in the world. Each country page will aggregate relevant sustainability data for that country, enabling the user to view performance on key issues and track improvements within countries and regions.

This will give stakeholders – be they business leaders, procurement teams, planners, developers, analysts, community groups, the media and of course governments - a quick and clear insight into global sustainability performance by region and industry.

What is the World Bank Institute?

The World Bank Institute (WBI) is a global connector of knowledge, learning and innovation for poverty reduction. It connects practitioners and institutions to help them find suitable solutions to their development challenges. With a focus on the "how" of reform, it links knowledge from around the world and scales up innovations.

Who is behind the Open Supply Chain Data?

Ecodesk was conceived in 2008 to provide organisations across the globe with an open, free-to-access platform to publish and promote their non-financial information to their stakeholders. It has since become a key focal point for organisations that want to measure and drive sustainability in their supply chain and thereby benefit from increased efficiency, reduced risk and new opportunities.

Businesses that want to map their supply chains by sustainability metrics can also use Ecodesk as a tool to communicate with suppliers, collate and aggregate data, analyse the results and make informed procurement and supplier management decisions.

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