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Create an Open Data Supply Chain profile and enter your company sustainability and governance data, be part of this initiative and help us make a difference.
Create your Open Data Supply Chain Profile here.

Getting involved in the Open Sustainability Data Index is simple, quick and free once you have your sustainability data to hand

Free sustainability profile

  • Showcase your sustainability credentials to customers and suppliers.
  • Manage your sustainability data in one place.
  • Provide a platform for relevant information, such as news, videos, certifications and links to sustainability reports.
  • Make conflict minerals declarations, if applicable.

Profile search

  • View other profiles by name (unlimited views).
  • Filter lists and save data to Excel or Adobe format.

Customer compliance

  • Share your profile with customers in response to sustainability questionnaires. Report once and share many times.

Register. Report. Share

Getting involved in the Open Supply Chain Data is simple, quick and free once you have your sustainability data to hand. Follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Create your Open Data Supply Chain Profile here.
  • Collect your sustainability data
  • Add the numbers to your company profile

Your sustainability data is automatically added to the aggregated figures that we calculate for each country and industry sector of the Open Supply Chain Data. The name of your company is not disclosed and aggregated figures are only displayed once 10 or more companies have entered profiles for a country.

This means you can promote your organisation as an open data business and supporter of this World Bank initiative. Measuring and reporting sustainability metrics is a key component of the drive to reduce emissions and deliver a sustainable future for all peoples around the world.

Upload your data

If you would like to upload data for more than one company onto the site please contact who will be happy to discuss the various ways in which this can be achieved.

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